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Polly's Story

Everyone of our 'kids' is so special to us.

People often ask about their personal journey - poor Molly was found in the most awful state. She was cold, alone, frightened, Ill and confused. She was wandering the streets not knowing if she would live or die.

Luckily for Molly she was found by a team of angels who took her under their wing and then contacted a team member of Happy Paws for help.

So the rescue was set in motion. As time went by Molly learned to trust humans again and slowly she came around. It was discovered during routine testing that Molly had a medical condition that needed treatment. This was not a problem for us as we were willing to help her get better.

It was decided that she would fair better in a foster home where she could be monitored. Her place was then booked on the happy bus and she was on her way.

Under the watchful eye of her dedicated foster family she has thrived and even won a rosette in a local dog show.

Molly now is well on her way to her happy ever after thanks mostly to her incredible foster family who has fought for her every step of the way and a dedicated team of animal lovers who speak very loudly in the name of animal welfare.



Patrons: Caroline Ansell (Member of Parliament for Eastbourne and Willingdon), Lord Brett Maclean
Trustees: Lisa Smart, Mike Tomey, Alice Ford. Charity Number 1158323