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We save 150 dogs every year

Lisa Smart


Lis is the founder of Happy Paws which she set up in July 2014.

Lis has always had a real passion, enthusiasm and love for animal welfare and in the last decade has been involved in many charitable organisations, as a volunteer, to help promote, fundraise and profile build for the charities, this was whilst running her own very successful business.

It was following a very serious accident Lis decided to embark on a new path by setting up her own charity and with the help of her very supportive family Happy Paws was born.
For Lis Happy Paws is her vocation and she will continue to strive towards rescuing as many deserving souls from other shores as finances allow.

  Anne Gardner


Anne has been involved with dogs for most of her life and has always had a real passion for their welfare.
Anne currently has 2 rescue dogs Lexi and Bailey.
Over the past few years Anne has built up a great network of other rescues from overseas. She has an amazing talent of sourcing dogs who need our help and although these types of rescues are never easy, there are the inevitable ups & downs, twists and turns it all can get very emotional Anne never gives up and always gives 100% effort in an attempt to save lives.
Anne is also an excellent fundraiser and is responsible for setting up the Happy Paws Auction and selling page.
Happy Paws is very lucky to have Anne on board. Her passion, enthusiasm and simple hard work is very much appreciated



Aileen is incredibly passionate about rescue and we at Happy Paws are very lucky to have such a dedicated and knowledgable team mate.
Since rescuing her two golden retrievers in 2008 she has been very active in fundraising, fostering and raising the profile generally on the subject of animal welfare. Aileen has fostered many dogs which she has helped settle before going on to their forever homes. Aileen was a trustee and UK co-ordinator for Irish Retriever Rescue from 2013-2015.

Aileen has a wealth of experience regarding the various facets of complexity associated with international rescue and her experience is very much appreciated in this field.
  Lord Brett Maclean


Lord Brett McLean joined the team as a patron to celebrate our 1st year as a registered charity Lord McLean is an incredible animal advocate and supports many animal charities in the South East.

As a charity we are very grateful to him for giving his full support for the work we involve ourselves in.


  Mandy Brook


Being a farmer’s daughter I have been brought up to respect and love all animals and this has developed over the years to getting actively involved in animal rescue.
Personally I now have 5 dogs and 2 cats all rescued from the worst of circumstances 4 of these from hellish Cyprus pounds and 3 of these with the help of Happy Paws. I will foster as well as adopt to give the chance of life and a forever home to these poor souls and actively promote this to others having successfully rehomed for friends etc  to.

I actively promote animal welfare and my company fundraises on their behalf including sky dives, auctions, sponsored climbs etc and this will be ongoing including huge support for others fundraising initiatives.

We have a dog friendly work environment believing that they bring  a harmony to the work place and a degree of fun and relaxation…nothing better than throwing a ball for a dog when you are feeling stressed or need a break from the screen for five minutes.

Why buy when you can adopt? The love & devotion of a rescued dog is priceless and the work that Happy Paws do daily saves so many lives and has to be protected and fought for on many levels. I am hugely proud to be a patron of this fabulous charity.



  Mandy Brook


I was brought up in the countryside so animals have played a big part in my life. At home we always had cats, dogs, rabbits and birds and at an early age was taught the importance of providing care for them.

When I married we adopted two rescue dogs and so far in our 34 years together we’ve had 12 dogs, all but two being rescues. We currently have five dogs, all of them rescues and three are Happy Paws kids.

The saying "every cloud has a silver lining" was never more true than when I discovered Happy Paws after losing our gorgeous 12 and a half year old golden retriever, Archie. I had uttered those immortal words "never again" after losing Archie but realised that something good could come out of the heartbreak and it did in the form of Lisa Smart and Happy Paws!

My husband, Ed, and I do all we can to support this amazing charity in any way we can. We are constantly trying to find ways to help to raise much needed funds for the charity.

I am immensely proud and honoured to be a patron of this amazing charity where there is a place for everyone in the Happy Paws family.



  Mandy Brook


2 years ago, when I discovered Happy Paws and understood what they were doing as a charity, rescuing dogs from such awful situations, I felt an overwhelming urge to help and support as much as possible by donating to auction and putting on fund raising events.

I adopted 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers through Happy Paws bringing my woofers total up to 7 (so far).

I love Happy Paws and everything about them. Every story I read and every dog I see in need reminds me of what amazing work Happy Paws is doing to help those wonderful dogs and give them a life of love and happiness they deserve.

As a pet shop owner, I take great joy telling my customers about the charity and have some regulars who donate frequently and support our events, as well as several who went on to adopt their dogs through Happy Paws.

I’m honoured Lisa asked me to join the team as a Patron and very proud to support and help where I can.



Patrons: Lord Brett Maclean
Trustees: Lisa Smart, Mike Tomey, Alice Ford. Charity Number 1158323