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Billy's Story

Our gorgeous Freddie was an incredibly emotional rescue. He had 24 hours to live with his kennel mate Harry (who we also rescued)- we had to act fast.

This was team work at its best to save the lives of two boys who did not deserve to die In That hell hole of a kill shelter.
Freddie was removed form the kill shelter and placed in foster care. Once placed it was soon apparent he was a gentle soul who just loved the love.

As the weeks went by it was evident that this little boy needed a quiet settled home so he could adjust slowly and calmly.

After all Freddie had experienced we wanted him to have the most loving family, Well how lucky were we to find our lovely boy the perfect home.

Freddie now lives with his family, who are retired, and can give our boy everything he needs. He spends his days being pampered, walked and loved.

This is such a far cry from where he came from - kill shelter to loving and secure home !! This is why we do what we do on a daily basis to give these beautiful souls the loving life they so deserve.


Patrons: Caroline Ansell (Member of Parliament for Eastbourne and Willingdon), Lord Brett Maclean
Trustees: Lisa Smart, Mike Tomey, Alice Ford. Charity Number 1158323